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Interview With F1 Driver Paul Di Resta

Since our re-opening in 2019, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming former F1 driver Paul Di Resta back to our track on a number of occasions. Paul’s connection to our circuit runs deep, as he first grasped the steering wheel of a kart at the young age of three years old, a tradition passed down from his father, who also had his own racing adventures at this very track!

Now, with his young son Leo showing a budding interest in motorsport, Paul was eager to show him the ins and outs of the Larkhall Circuit track, commenting: “Leo is four years old now and I think I have to give him the opportunity to say if that’s what he wants to do. He’s passionate about Formula 1. He loves to see the races.”

Paul Di Resta also took a moment to reflect on the recent upgrades and renovations that have breathed new life into Larkhall Circuit. He expressed his appreciation for the improvements, particularly in the facilities and the paddock area: “The biggest thing for me is the impact that’s been made around the facilities, the paddock and that’s one of the things that needed to move on with time.”

While recognising the need for progress, he also emphasised the importance of preserving the track’s unique character: “The track itself, you have to extend it. You’re very limited with the space you’ve got. You can’t take the actual character away from it but it’s nice to see it has went on with time.”

The return of a legend like Paul Di Resta and the promise of a new generation of racers like young Leo make Larkhall Circuit more than just a place to race. It’s a respected heritage, a passion passed down through the ages, and a track that continues to evolve while honouring its rich history.

Be sure to watch the full interview to hear more about Paul’s motorsport career throughout the years and the ‘good old days’ when he and Lewis Hamilton would enjoy the wet laps at Larkhall Circuit!

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