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People of Larkhall Circuit – Paul McGowan

If you’ve paid a visit to our track lately, chances are you’ve crossed paths with Paul, a familiar face dedicated to assisting our budding young karters. Paul is widely recognised for his extensive knowledge of karts and his generous nature, especially when it comes to lending a hand to our enthusiastic young bambinos.” His philosophy is simple: “If I can help anybody, I’ll help them.”

For around three years, Paul has been an invaluable resource for the bambinos. “I do mechanics for them, set up for them, and try to coach the kids as well,” he shares. Whether it’s choosing the right gearing, determining which jet to run, or advising on tire pressures, Paul always has the answers.

When asked about his motivation for dedicating so much time and effort, Paul attributes it to his deep love for the sport. Beyond that, he expresses, “I like to see people getting on, I like see the improvement in the kids.” Paul has played an important role in nurturing the skills and confidence of numerous bambinos, guiding them on their journey to becoming more proficient on the track.

With a passion for karting spanning over three decades, Paul reflects on his journey, stating, “I’ve been involved in karting for over 30 years—myself and my two boys raced here at Larkhall Circuit.”

Drawing from his experience, Paul has gathered a wealth of knowledge and a few tricks of the trade that he shares with the next generation of karters. One example is a unique exercise he prescribed to a young bambino: “If you can squash a can down with your right foot, that’s what I want you to do when accelerating on the track. When you come to a corner, I want you to squash the other can half way down, with your left foot.”

It’s no secret that Paul is a huge help to the karters at Larkhall Circuit. His wide expertise and selfless demeanour make him a valuable asset to our community. We appreciate the tireless work Paul puts in with our members, and his contributions undoubtedly enhance the overall experience at our circuit!

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Arrive & Drive

2 x 15 minute sessions
1+ Drivers
  • 390cc Centurion Karts
  • 60MPH Track Speeds
  • 1140M Circuit

Group Races

Grand Prix or Iron Man format
8+ Drivers
  • + Grid Starts
  • Exclusive use of the track
  • Podium Presentation