Test day online booking

We are delighted to announce that from Friday 5th June, Larkhall Circuit will be offering test days to teams subject to certain conditions. To ensure that the the circuit is as safe as possible, the number of drivers will be capped. It is required to pre-book online and social distancing practices must be complied with. These measures include:

  • Daily maximum driver capacity limit.
  • All teams must pre-book & pay online at time of booking.
  • Restrictions on working area – there must be a maximum of two karts per Pit Bay.
  • A distance of 2m must be kept between all karts, drivers and other persons (excluding those living in the same household) at all times including in the paddock, pushing karts to the grid & on track.
  • The Kart Republic Cafe building will remain closed.
  • Toilets & hand washing facilities will be available and we encourage you to use these regularly throughout the day.
  • All attending must wear a face mask and bring hand sanitizer. We can supply these if advance notice is given. 

Arrive & Drive

2 x 15 minute sessions
1+ Drivers
  • 390cc Centurion Karts
  • 60MPH Track Speeds
  • 1140M Circuit

Group Races

Grand Prix or Iron Man format
8+ Drivers
  • + Grid Starts
  • Exclusive use of the track
  • Podium Presentation