Tartan Tarmac Breakfast Meet

Tartan Tarmac Breakfast Meet​

Sunday 26th Sep. 9:30am

Larkhall Circuit aerial View

Tartan Tarmac Breakfast Meet Format:
* 9:30am – 12:00pm
* One ticket per person is required for entry
* Tea, coffee and breakfast rolls are available at our on-site café

Please Note:
* Car/Driver tickets cover entry for one car & driver, and one breakfast roll.
* Passenger tickets cover one entry and breakfast roll per ticket and are mandatory for each additional attendee.
* Contact information for every attendee is required for Test & Trace (please enter during checkout).


Fancy driving the 1.1km outdoor kart track while you’re at the breakfast meet? You can get on track and experience the thrill of driving a CRG 390cc kart from only £35


£ 6.50
  • Car Tickets Include:
  • Entry and parking for 1 vehicle
  • Entry for 1 person (driver)
  • A Hot drink & breakfast roll
  • Passenger Tickets Include:
  • Entry for 1 person (passenger)
  • A Hot drink & breakfast roll
  • Passengers must arrive in a vehicle with a driver which holds a valid car ticket.

Add Tickets:

We have hygiene and physical distancing procedures in place to operate safely whilst providing the best experience possible. Please read about our Covid-19 Procedures here.

18:00 – (17:30 arrival for 6pm start.)